Dear Dad

The following is an assignment for a graduate class at Carleton University. Dear Dad, It was so absurd for Paul Berlin. The death of his friend Billy was so absurd. Billy died of a heart attack because he was scared of war. For Berlin, his fear was a reality of its own. But when he […]

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Evolving Landscapes

I have become thoroughly convinced more than ever that landscapes are not simply topographical spaces. Shawn Graham wrote of landscapes that “one navigates space not with a two dimensional top-down mental map, but rather as a series of what-comes-next… navigating require[s] socializing, asking directions, paying attention to landmarks.”┬áLandscapes are an experience and each of us […]

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HASTAC Opportunity

I recently received a scholarship to participate in HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory) which is an organization that focuses on the practice and study of all sorts of subjects in the digital age, using current technological and digital methods.

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